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A Changed Business Model!


With changes in technology and the internet you can develop a sideline business that you can grow exponentially over time developing turnovers in excess of 1 million a month.

Is it worth investing your time and energy? We think so but how will you know.  Like any business you have to take time to investigate a proposal properly. Who will you be in business with, what skills will you need to ramp up and how much time will you need to invest?

There are a number of manufacturers who have cut out the wholesaler , retailer etc. but still sell the products at the market retail. The wholesaler/retailer profit they make available  to pay commission to you as a reward for developing their retail market. They

The internet has made it possible for some manufacturers to develop a rather different business model to get their products to customers.   As an example  an inkjet printer priced at R3000 ex VAT possibly  gets sold to the wholesaler for R1500 who sell s it to the retainer for R2250 and the retailer sells it to you for R3000. Some manufacturers realise that R1500 profit  is available if they  distribute the product direct to the customer.  They solve marketing problem by offering the customer a commission for referring sales direct to the manufacturer to handle


This model means that you can get into the business of sales and earn commission (profit) without having to finance or handle stock. Your function is to build a distribution network to move product. Consumerr network

Ideally you need to be looking at product lines that are consumable so as to provide repeat orders to produce monthly commissions.

Factors you need to consider.

  • The sales network you build you need to own

  • You need to partner with a manufacturer that has a good reputation and been in business for a long time

  • There should be no restriction on the size of business you can develop meaning there is no ceiling on your potential earnings

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