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What Items should you market?

Tips for starting your own Business

  • You need an idea,  product  or service to market
  • You need a business name , a Sole proprietorship is good enough-You don’t need to register a company
  • You need to establish where and how to advertise your product
  • You do not need premises
  • You do not need buckets of money to get started
  • You should have internet connectivity to do research and advertise and handle email
  • You have to give your business focus – everyday!
  • You will eventually need an accounting system like Quickbooks

Your purpose is to make a profits!
If you have to collect stock you need to take that cost into account
If you have to deliver sold items you need to take that cost into account
You need to decent markup to include your time
It is important to only market products that will generate a profit that takes the above factors into account


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John C. Maxwell