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You can use social media to drive traffic to your web site where you can better elaborate on the
benefits of your products and services

Some sites create a presence being a name and address. That is about as bad as a business
card that you find that has the persons business name and the persons name but never
says anything about what they do.

Best you create a web site that brings business to your door. People are searching for
your services or products. Your web site is there to market those products /services.
Your business name is what they look at afterwards when they want to buy something

It never made sense to me to appoint someone to put your web site together. They really don't know
your business and when there are issues they are no longer to be found leaving you
with no way to update your site and often you don't know how.

There are many free programs that you can use some of which are listed below

Web Site Development
You can use Microsoft Expression Web to develop your site.

This was downloadable direct from the Microsoft site but no longer it seems
I can help you with this

Picture Editor
You can put up pictures on your site. taken with your phone.

Use free Irfanview to edit crop and resize images easily

Copy your files to your ISP  Web Server
Load your site onto your service provders server with

Track Traffic to your Site
Register with Google Analytics to track the traffic going to your site

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