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Books Expand The Thinking!

It is no coincidence that successfull business owners read more books.
Clearly you need to read the right books that enhance you business skills.
Fairlady does not count!

Books expand the thinking, expose you to new ideas, improve your marketing and people skills.
If you want to expand your results it is vital you read to improve your skills

My experience has been that I walk into a bookshop look at many books and come away with none. 
This is why I found it beneficial to belong to a bookclub focussing on business development that sends me a
book every month focused on developing my personal business skills. 

The advantage of a book club is that they get volume discounts that they pass on.
Below are some of the excellent and inspiring books we have read through this system.

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The books you read and the people you associate with will determine where you are in five years .

Ruben Gonzalez