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Today health products offer a big market. Covid 19 has caused people to think carefully about what they eat as
to how it builds the immune system.

The links that follow will give you ideas of possibilities  of products, foods etc that could
make a substantial difference to your health

First you need to get a grip on what the products are about.

I have started this from a different angle being that you search on a symtom of deficiency and then discover
what you are lacking and what foods or supplements you need to take to fix the problem

Our diets stray over time to new norms that can create deficiencies and sometimes
health critical problems that would never have occured had you had better information.

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Is your Tap water safe to Drink?
many contaminents are not cleaned out
using the standard government water treament
systems such as heavy metals prescription drugs
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If you keep believing what you have been believing,
then you'll keep achieving what you've been achieving.

Mark Victor Hansen